Sunday, July 6, 2008

omg i love...floyd.

because it is the best bar i've been to in a really long time. i know a bar is not an actual "him," but the owner is a bro, and the name floyd is masculine, so it still fits with this whole OMG theme.

anyway, walking into floyd's is like walking into the basement of your grandparents' house: dim lighting, exposed brick, crown moulding, antique-y looking furniture, randomly displayed cheap plastic trophies collecting dust, a motherfucking bocci ball court in the back, and zero pretention.

if this bar were in los angeles, it would probably be on a ghetto sidestreet off santa monica in hollywood with no signs or windows or exterior markings, filled with cahuenga corridor hipsters wearing fedoras and polka dots and too much black eyeliner, while a gruff bouncer stood outside turning people away, and everyone talked about how "new york" the whole place felt. aka, totally annoying and unauthentic.

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