Monday, April 21, 2008

omg i love ... ed westwick.

lbh, i've been in love with ed westwick-as-chuck bass since he told nate archibald "what we're entitled to is a trust fund. a house in the hamptons. maybe a prescription drug problem" in the gossip girl pilot. BUT now i'm really in love with him because he is apparently just as fantastically smug as chuck in real life AND a daydrinker to boot:

"Jacob hopes one day to sell one of the Gossip Girl cast members an apartment, which is why drinking with Ed on a Wednesday afternoon basically counts as work. 'Wait until Season 3, when the serious renegotiation takes place and I’m making $10 million a fucking minute,' Ed told him happily. 'And you can move in with us. You can move in, and we’ll just be one big disgusting family.'"

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